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Company specialized in renewable energy projects development, incorporated in 2015, with own investments and participation in SPCs. The project development activities includes a broad spectrum of energy sources, from small hydro, to wind, solar photovoltaics or concentrated (CSP), biomass, and energy recovery and cogeneration on industrial processes. The production regimes may be as Independent Power Producers (IPPs), self-production (for industrial consumers) or distributed generation.

Additionally, executes specialized consultancies, comprehending technical services, like feasibility studies and support of development and nationalization of technologies, as commercial activities on Mergers and Acquisitions advisory (M&A), also for strategic and commercial support to foreign companies who are looking for establish business in Brazil, all related to technology and renewable energy.

More recently started activities in Portugal, opening a new operational market at the European Union territory.

Our values are the basis of our activities:

  • Ethics and transparency

  • Quality, innovation and technology

  • Sustainability

  • Teamwork

  • Conservative risk management

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