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Technical consulting

Our main activities in technical consultancy are:

  • Economical and Technical Feasibility Studies (ETFS), always related to projects of elevated technological content

  • Owner’s engineering for projects implementation

  • Technical Due Diligences (TDDs) for assets of hydroelectric, wind and solar generation

  • Research and development projects (R&D) related to new technologies of renewable energies and energy sources integration

  • Support in process for import/nationalization of technologies

  • Support in obtaining national and international patents for new technologies and its industrial implementation

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Commercial consulting

Our main activities in commercial consultancy are:

  • Support to foreign companies of renewable energies to enter in the Brazilian market, with focus in new technologies (products & services) without similarities in the national market

  • Support to licensing of new technologies for industrial applications (locally or globally)

  • Preparation of business plans for commercialization of products and services related to new technologies

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